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Danger Lust is about erotica on the dangerous and forbidden side, but all of the posts come from erotica writers. If you write erotica, whether you are a published author or not, you are more than welcome to create a free account, it’s a Wordpress blog, and submit your own stories, book promotions, articles and reviews. And of course you can link to your websites, sales pages, and social pages in your posts.

New Story on Danger Lust: Let’s Go For a Walk

New erotica on Danger Lust by Tia Zen Sen

Let’s Go For a Walk

Updates About Danger Lust

I’ve had a few writers already post stories and reviews for Danger Lust, and of course any writer who posts stories, articles or reviews (there are no commitments or schedules, you’re just posting something at your leisure) will get a permanent link, to your site or page, in the blogroll which will show on every page of the site.

I don’t know if in over 8 years of webmastering that I’ve had a site jump in traffic (visitors) like this; and I don’t know if that’s comforting or not considering that the theme of the site is BDSM. :o

As of this past week, Danger Lust has outpaced every site of mine in traffic, with the exception of my main site, Pressing Flesh. That’s pretty damn impressive considering that it has only been online for a month.

I have been busy with getting the site listed with web directories and getting it it’s own social media accounts to promote it separately from my own sites.

I have also started signing up for free blog accounts to support the site by creating fan and support blogs where updates about the site and new stories and features on the site will be posted.

The new support blogs will also provide a bonus/incentive for any of you to post to the site.

Anybody who posts a story or feature on the site will, in addition to the permanent link on the site itself, also get permanent links on the support blogs to get you and your site promoted.

Those who have been contributing to the site, so far as I know, have been coming through Danger Lust’s own Twitter account which has promotions about the site and posts on the site autotweeted to it regularly.

In the sidebar on the site you will see a list of authors who have posted on the site; those are links to their sites, just like you will get for posting. As well you will see a list of social sites and support blogs I have accounts on strictly for promoting this one site…that list will grow even more over the next week.

Want to promote yourself and your work? Post something on this site and you’ll get links to your site or sales page. I don’t care if it’s fiction, an article, a review, or your own self-promotion telling about you and the books you have written…they are all welcome.

Danger Lust


Rétablissement des températures internes ..*


Rétablissement des températures internes ..*

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Submit your stories, articles, reviews, and book promotions to Danger Lust. BDSM, bondage, erotic horror, any subject which combines sex with daring, dangerous, or forbidden behavior. Plus, link to your site, sales page, or promote any of your books.

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On Danger Lust, our newest posts include a video review of the classic WIP Flick (women in prison film) Escape from Hell, and two stories of sex, lust, bondage, and more.

Check out the site and find something you like or if you write, contribute an article, review or story, or promote your books.

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the new fan and news blog for Danger Lust. This is a blog for members and fans of Danger Lust to not only keep up with updates, but to also post suggestions, requests, pictures, and just simply have fun.

First, Danger Lust is a website dedicated to erotica, articles, and reviews which involve sex on the dangerous and forbidden side. On the site you will find stories dealing with bondage and BDSM, erotic horror, sex in daring places and positions, as well reviews of books, websites, and videos with a similar theme.

Danger Lust is open to all writers to post their stories, articles and reviews, and to also promote their own websites and sales pages.

Stop in and enjoy the stories and other stuff we have to offer, join in on the forum, or contribute a post to the site yourself; all adults are welcome to the site.